Paraffin blocks, slides and patient sample management today is a real issue in any pathology lab.

Increasing number of patient samples, blocks and slides and limited resources make archiving, traceability and safety very challenging. Loosing patient samples today is a real risk and a concerning potential liability for the laboratory.

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FINA, for paraffin block archiving and management

FINA is the first fully automated paraffin block management solution for pathology labs.

From sorting to archiving and from retrieving to re-archiving FINA enables pathology professionals with a total paraffin block traceability.

With FINA, sorting, archiving, retrieving and re-archiving blocks today is fast, simple and safe

FINA adapts to all lab configurations

  • A single lab? Standard lab configuration: one scanner and one mobile PDA scanner
  • Multiple storage locations? If you have multiple storage locations we have the solution for you: one scanner and several mobile PDA scanners inter-connected

FINA is 100% traceability, 100% safe, 100% simple and 100% accurate

FINA has granted and pending patents in USA, Europe, Asia and China

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