Because every block counts

We are Speed

Speed to diagnose and to provide the right treatment to patients in conditions such as cancer is essential. Dreampath accelerate access to patients’ samples so the treatment journey can be faster.

We Simplify technology

Simple, intuitive software that allows you to manage block and slides.

We are SafEty

Our technology helps you eliminating sample loss and allows you to safely retrieve blocks and slides. Your samples are safe with us.

Because every SLIDE counts

We are Traceability

Each patient is unique and so are their samples. Each sample has a unique position helping you retrieving very fast and helping you retrieving the right sample. Always.

We are Automation

By automating paraffin-block and slide sorting we drastically reduce the time your lab employees waste in sorting blocks and slides so they can do more value-added tasks in your lab.

We are Space Optimization

Our trays and cabinets allow you to optimize and reduce your archiving space and footprint. You no longer need to leave gaps in your trays.

Connectivity suite

multiple rooms

Connect to
your LIS

multiple labs