Gaël GASCOIN, health executive at the anatomopathology laboratory

Good morning Mr GASCOIN, thank you for welcoming us and giveing your testimony. It is so important for us to give voice to our customers. The 1st interview with Laure ANNETTE at the Institut Curie in Paris about FINA & CRYSTAL solutions registered many readers!

This problem of loss of blocks or slides seems to be unavoidable when archiving is done manually. How do you explain then that archiving & retrieval automation solutions are still often perceived as “comfort solutions”?

What do you think is important when a laboratory embarks on a project to automate the archiving of blocks or slides? 

So you have been using Fina since 2018 and Crystal since 2020, what do you think of these solutions? 

What improvements have you identified for Fina and Crystal? 

Dreampath Diagnostics

Dreampath Diagnostics started in 2011 with the vision to improve the way patient samples are managed and tracked throughout the anatomic pathology laboratory. Today, Dreampath is the market leader in AP sample management and traceability.It supports diagnostics with innovative, easy-to-use technology that improves workflow in the anatomic pathology laboratory and advances patient safety while decreasing laboratory operating costs and providing faster case turnaround times.


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