Laure ANNETTE. Senior technician at the anatomy pathology laboratory at the Institut Curie

Can you introduce your laboratory?

In what context did you choose to automate the archiving of your blocks and slides?

How was the integration of Fina & Crystal solutions in your laboratory?

Today to your assessment, what is your level of satisfaction with the instruments, consumables and associated services?

If you had to choose between Crystal and Fina, which solution would you choose?

What improvements would you like to make Fina and Crystal systems? 

We should soon be able to meet your expectations for these areas of improvement. Thank you for sharing your feedback with us and for your trust!

Dreampath Diagnostics

Dreampath Diagnostics started in 2011 with the vision to improve the way patient samples are managed and tracked throughout the anatomic pathology laboratory. Today, Dreampath is the market leader in AP sample management and traceability.It supports diagnostics with innovative, easy-to-use technology that improves workflow in the anatomic pathology laboratory and advances patient safety while decreasing laboratory operating costs and providing faster case turnaround times.


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