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The first step in treating disease is a fast and accurate diagnosis, and proper sample tracking is crucial to that step. Dreampath Diagnostics exists to address challenges with sample tracking in pathology, while minimizing errors, and increasing productivity, so laboratory resources can stay focused on patient care.

Automated Sample Traceability


Dreampath systems support diagnostics through patient sample management and pathology sample tracking that give laboratories visibility to where samples are at all times. This improves processes in the lab and significantly reduces the resources involved in tissue sample handling, sorting, archiving, and retrieval.

 Patient Safety

Dreampath systems address patient safety issues in the anatomic pathology laboratory associated with samples being misplaced, misfiled, or lost.

Tissue sample storage and precision retrieval


Dreampath is the market leader in providing innovative, easy-to-use technology that improves workflow in the anatomic pathology lab and protects patients samples from being lost or misplaced. Dreampath systems are running at hundreds of sites in more than 40 countries, protecting over 150 million patient samples worldwide.

 Patient Safety

With increasing cancer incidence rates and improved standards of care through the development of targeted therapies, the number of patient samples is growing at an even greater rate than in prior years. Further, samples must be retained for long time periods (minimum of 10 years, often longer). Efficient sample management is essential, as is the rapid and accurate retrieval of patient samples.


Protecting patients, sample by sample

The first step in curing cancer or any disease, is a rapid and accurate diagnosis. At DREAMPATH, our ambition lies in transforming healthcare, and we believe it’s urgent to accelerate diagnosis and research, so patients and their families can have the best chances within their treatment journey.

Pioneers in our field, our commitment to patients led us to develop a fully automated traceable sample management and digital archiving solution for pathology, to simplify, accelerate and secure the diagnosis and development of personalized healthcare.

DREAMPATH protects patients by looking after their treasured samples, accelerating and securing safe access to each one of them.






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