Dreampath has been granted the “Innovation Export award” from the French Chamber of Commerce.

Dreampath Diagnostics is the Global Leader in automation of traceability of patient samples in pathology.

The award was provided by Mr Stimpflin, President of the Chamber of Commerce ‘Grand Est” and Mr Heimburger, President of the Chamber of Commerce Alsace Eurometropole.

The award was sponsored by bank CIC and given by Mr Bernard Executive Director of CIC Est.

With our solutions available in over 50 Countries this award comes as a recognition to our innovation and commercial efforts, says Pablo Jordan, CEO of Dreampath.

We are driven by innovation in pathology, that’s our dna and we are thrilled to be recognized by it, says Valérie Wilhelm, Head of R&D and Operations.

We thank the Chamber of Commerce and bank CIC for the award. We continue to invest heavily in the region so our products, produced locally in Alsace, can be sold globally, says Jordan.

Dreampath is based in Strasbourg, France and produces all their products, including the consumables, in the Rhyne Valley Region in Europe. Their products are of highest quality and comply with all international standards for quality, robustness and safety.

Dreampath leadership, innovation and technology lies on automation of traceability of samples in pathology laboratories.