Dreampath has just obtained its first Chinese “Certificate of innovation Patent” which completes the US and European patents on their block management archiving system already granted.

Asian markets and in particular China is more and more open to innovative and robust solutions such as ours. With this first patent with wide claims we have a strong position to commercialize in China, said Pablo Jordan, Dreampath’s CEO.

Our first patent has been granted in the 3 largest Continents: Asia, America and Europe. This is the proof of the robustness of the patent and the strength of our innovation.

This patent represents the cornerstone of our Asian strategy of bringing continuous innovation and high quality products to Asian pathologists and patients.

Dreampath Diagnostics is the Global Leader in automation of traceability of patient samples in pathology.

Dreampath is based in Strasbourg, France and produces all their products, including the consumables, in the Rhyne Valley Region in Europe. Their products are of highest quality and comply with all international standards for quality, robustness and safety.

Dreampath leadership, innovation and technology lies on automation of traceability of samples in pathology laboratories.