Dreampath announces the certification of it’s CB Report for FINA.

Dreampath Diagnostics is the Global Leader in automation of traceability of patient samples in pathology.

Dreampath is based in Strasbourg, France and produces all their products, including the consumables, in the Rhyne Valley Region in Europe. Their products are of highest quality and comply with all international standards for quality, robustness and safety.

Dreampath leadership, innovation and technology lies on automation of traceability of samples in pathology laboratories.

FINA, the first fully automated paraffin block management solution in pathology, has been granted certification of CB report.

This certification ensures the safety and robustness in a clinical and laboratory environment for all the components of it’s products. Safety includes that material or chemicals are produced from safe sources and according to international standards and rules.

Safety includes as well all Electro Magnetic and Electrical safety for use in laboratories across the World.

The report includes as well risk assessment as well as robustness and reproducibility of our products.

“This allow us now to commercialize Globally as our products are certified according to international standards of safety. This is a great achievement for us and a validation of our robust manufacturing process”, said Pablo Jordan, Dreampath’s CEO.

FINA is manufactured according to ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 standards.