Pablo Jordan, a senior executive in Healthcare with leadership positions in companies such as Ventana, Roche, BioMérieux and GSK, joins Dreampath as CEO.

Dreampath Diagnostics is the Global Leader in automation of traceability of patient samples in pathology.

Dreampath’s leadership, innovation and technology lies on automation of traceability of samples in pathology laboratories.

“I am honored and very excited about my appointment and Dreampath’s potential. With the increase of cancer incidence and Personalized Medicine sample management is an increasingly important issue and in Dreampath we have the technology to address unmet market needs to date. We have solid plans for accelerating commercialization and innovation and making our solutions available Globally. We have an outstanding team passionate about pathology and committed to execute our Vision”.

Dreampath has developed FINA, the first fully automated paraffin block management solution for pathology labs. Dreampath solutions are running routinely at customers since June 2014.

Dreampath is based in Strasbourg, France and produces all their products, including the consumables, in the Rhyne Valley Region in Europe. Their products are of highest quality and comply with all international standards for quality, robustness and safety.

Dreampath’s quality standards during production and QC have resulted in an outstanding customer satisfaction. “All our customers are extremely happy and couldn’t live without our solutions… they just really don’t want to go back how they use to do block archiving”, says Pablo Jordan.

Among its customers Dreampath has University Hospitals such as Montpellier in France, Cardiff in the UK and Erasmus in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Other customers include Pharmaceutical companies such as Roche or Pfizer in both USA and Europe.

Everyday tens of thousands of patients’ samples are managed with Dreampath’s solutions around the World.

“Our strategic priorities remain having the highest quality standards, continue our heavy R&D expenditure and efforts and building and outstanding commercial organization Globally to reach customer in all Continents”, says Pablo Jordan.